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Minggu, 02 Oktober 2011

free download game mini golf manaciacs 1.0

File Size           : 137.07MB 
Publisher          :Visit Website | More Programs  
Release Date  :2007-07-20 
Submit Date    :2007-07-20 
OS                    : Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7

Mini Golf Maniacs is a free mini-golf game with fun graphics, good gameplay and several playing modes: one hole, coin gathering, tournament or multiplayer game online. Simply select the mode you like best and begin practicing your swing!
One of the main ideas in Minigolf Maniacs is to have actual cartoon characters hitting the balls. It shows them swinging back and all the good stuff that real-time 3D allows you to do. There are a total of 13 characters to play with.
Additional Holes and mods are also available for download.
Game Modes:

  • Stroke - Basic Minigolf: Lowest Score at End Wins
  • Skins - 2 or More Players: Person with lowest score on each hole gets a point, if there's a tie, point is carried over and added until someone does win. Most skins at end of game wins.
  • Match - 2 Players only: Same as above, only No points are carried over if a hole is tied, Person with most total points at the end wins.
  • Speed - Timed Minigolf: Fastest Overall Time Wins
  • Coinz - Get as many Coinz as possible, 1000 Bonus Points for winner of the hole. Once in hole, all other players have 3 shots to get in the cup or lose all their points on that hole. Highest total of Coinz in the end wins.
  • War - (Online Only) - 2 or More Players: Knock Your Opponent in the cup to win. If you hit yourself in the cup, you lose, Get a point for each hole won. Most victories at the end wins
  • Tournament (Offline Only) - 1 Player Only: Compete to Improve your player's stats, playing all the courses to unlock any new characters or courses you may have not already. Must come in top 3 of the tourney to get something. Basic Mini Golf Rules Apply. 

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